January 4, 2018

Little girls and great big yellow busses

So Ro has been in Kindergarten and she just went back to school yesterday after Christmas break and would you know I, as soon as she sees the bus she turns to me and gives me a great big kiss and hug and I just can't get over how much I love my little girl.
Last spring before she even started school she drew a picture of me dropping her off at the bus, of course, the bus is purple and I have green hair but the thought is the same, she wants me with her as she embarks in her new adventure, even if she does miss me a little on the bus. :)

It reminded me of a quote from President Monson that says:
P.S. President Thomas S. Monson passed away this week and I feel joy when I think of him reunited with his sweetheart. 

January 3, 2018

A New Year

2017 was an amazing year. It was hard and happy.

We experienced a lot of growth and we are closer to each other because of it. We started out the year unemployed, after being unemployed for two Christmases in a row. I started babysitting full time to help pay our bills and things were tough for a while. But I knew that things would work out, I knew it....

I held onto that knowledge and by February our prayers were answered, even if it meant my husband now has to drive 50 minutes to work everyday.

And thanks to the extra money I made with babysitting, I decided to finish my associates degree after an almost 6 year break from school. I was extremely nervous. Yet, I did it! And just a week and a half before Christmas I got to walk in the graduation ceremony with my husband and daughter there to support me. R was so happy to be there, even if it meant missing a day of kindergarten. Because, yes my little girl is in kindergarten! And she absolutely loves in! She especially loves riding the bus everyday, even though she told me yesterday, that she misses me on the bus sometimes.

So if you're wondering why I took a break it was because I was busy taking classes!

I'm ridiculously excited about this New Year and I wish you all the best!

May 12, 2017

You love those you serve

Since the first day you found yourself with a child to take care of, you have been serving them and loving them very much even if they aren't yours. All that time spent created a bond. The time taken to feed them every few hours, the time to show them the world, bath time, bed time, reading time. All these things give us a connection and assures that child that you love them.

In certain places it seems only acceptable to serve a child, not your spouse. They are dethroned just like a kid when they all of a sudden have a younger sibling. They now need to do everything themselves, they don't need your time. The child does. So not true. They need to see love though service, though giving your time. Just don't forget it goes both ways, it is important for dad to serve his family.

And now for the reason I wanted to write today. How much do we serve ourselves? How much time do we spend?

The conclusion I came to was, if we aren't serving ourselves then do we love ourselves?

We put ourselves last, thinking we have to fulfill everyone else's need first. As a recent high school graduate I found myself watching my niece full time for a few months and guess what I had time to take care of myself. I would shower, do my make-up, make yummy meals, go on walks, visit friends. It was made easier that come 3 or 4 o-clock I would hand my niece over to my sister. But guess what, I would do all of those things with a baby, not when my sister got home.

Fast forward a couple years and I have my own child to take care of, I didn't take time to shower, or to brush my hair, or even to get dressed and this lasted almost a year. I understand taking time away from those things to sleep but I was out of excuses. I didn't like myself. That's what it came down to. I wasn't comfortable in my own skin, yet I did nothing to change it.

It was such a change for me. I felt better a week after having a kid than I did 6 months after. A week after having a baby I went to a cousin's baby shower, a week and a half after that I went to an outdoor movie. I had more energy then I had had in a long time. I went on lots of walks. I loved to visit my husband between classes. Mostly because I was directed by a doctor to shower daily and to take it easy. I lost the baby weight quickly and was feeling amazing.

And then came winter. My husband was in his last year of college. And I was depressed, I regained all of the pregnancy weight. Yikes!

In spring, I made some small steps that started me back on the right track. And all I did was to spend time on myself. It has taken me years to not feel guilty about taking care of myself. Why do we allow that to happen!? In the movie "Mom's night out" the dad mentions how you have to put your oxygen mask on first and than help others.

I invite you to take the time to love yourselves today. And than you can start on your ever growing to-do list.

Thanks for reading!

May 3, 2017

You matter

As a mother it becomes very difficult to stay motivated at home. We start thinking, is it worth it? Am I making a difference?

And then you have moments where your child does something that makes you proud and happy to be their parents.

Today, well doing dishes I watched as Rose and a little girl I take care of during the week danced in the dining room. All of a sudden the little girl fell down and hurt her arm. I was about to rush over but I could see she wasn't hurt but what surprised me was Rose taking care of her. She kissed her owies and made everything better. Soon they were twirling to the music once more.

I try to remind myself that we are works in progress. I don't have it all figured out and my daughter is only 4 with lots of time to learn and grow. We are here on earth to learn from lives experiences. We have a long way to go but that is what it is all about. She is still learning and I am too.

So take a deep breath with me and start again. It will all work out, you have plenty of time, just keep trying.

May 1, 2017

Searching for something

In The Little Mermaid she is searching for something. Not really knowing what she would find. In one of the songs it says "Ask them my questions and get some answers." Isn't that what we try to do all the time? But do we know what the questions are?

Since I was little we moved a lot. Even if we stayed in the same school we would change houses often and it hasn't been until now that all seems like it will stay the same for a bit more than 2 years. And what do I look for? I want change.... but I really have no idea what I am searching for.

People do it all the time. They move and jobs no longer last 30-40 years. We want to travel further than before. We want something, we are searching yet we can't seem to find it. Those lucky enough, like the Little Mermaid go for what they want and it actually turns out she wanted it. The story could have ended so differently. She finally has legs and then she finds out that the grass really wasn't greener on the other side but now she's stuck.... Yikes!

I've been thinking about this a lot. And I find that I want to recreate times that I had fun and was happy. Forgetting all along that yesterday was an excellent day and that tomorrow is promising to be even better. Isn't that great? I want to enjoy what has been instead of creating and enjoying the wonderful life happening right in front of me.

My goal for the week is to be present. :)

Thank you for reading!

April 24, 2017

Dads matter

Almost a decade ago on a flight to Utah. I met a woman that greatly impacted my life. To me she seemed young and pretty(she had life figured out, I thought). She had recently become an empty nester. During the 2 hour flight we talked. I don't remember everything discussed but I do remember her telling me that if you wanted your husband to be involved in your children's lives you had to act. She told me that unless I insisted my future husband won't have a relationship with my future children.

At that point in my life, I had recently graduated high school and was moving to Utah to hopefully get into college. I was definitely not thinking that far into the future. I was 18. I was applying to college and I did not have any prospects for a husband.... I was a kid.
Yet this lovely lady was giving me advise that I wouldn't need for many years to come. To her it must have just been a nice conversation but it meant the world to me. A stranger that wanted me to succeed in life.

Fast forward though college, marriage, a kid, many apartments and a few jobs. And that advise is ever more present. My husband has always been a great help. As I see my daughter getting older, I can see why that advise I received so long ago matters. When children are young they need you for everything. Yet a time comes when they don't need your help as much, they do most things on their own, they are ready to go to school and make friends of their own.

At this stage it is easy to forget that your kids no longer need a nanny to change their diapers and feed them. They need a loving relationship with their mother and father. It seems easier for a lot of mothers because they are home, they check homework and answer questions. But what about their fathers? They don't seem as needed. Their wives have it all handled, all they need to do is work and provide for their families.

Children need more than that they need a loving father to listen to them, to show them love, to play with them, someone to point them in the right direction. When a kid enter school they are all nerves and excitement. And they want to share it with those people that matter most in their lives. Their mother and father but what happens when parents are to busy or not available. Those loving children learn to not trust. They learn not to share their feelings because they were never heard before.

So I invite you to listen to your children. What they say may not be important to you but it means the world to your little one.

April 21, 2017

We Need Each Other

In todays world we take care of ourselves. Some may be lucky enough to have close friends and family to rely on but most people are left to struggle alone. We convince ourselves that we don't need help and that we can't ask for help. Why?

Where did the "it takes a village to raise children" mentality go? Why are people expected to go it alone? Life is impossibly hard and we were never meant to go at it alone. We were born into families, some better than others, and in most groups we are expected to marry and have families of our own. Why? Because we need each other, and not just a spouse and children but the grandparents, the aunts and uncles, the cousins. It gives a connection that matters and can never be taken from us.

And now you say what if I don't have family? You have neighbors, coworkers, church members and you have a community. The days of knowing your neighbors and actually relying on them are long gone it seems. And yet your neighbors are still there and it might surprise you that they also are searching for a connection.

In high school I remember new people going to church and I was one of the first people to reach out, especially in Young Women's. It was always interesting to see what would happen afterwards. These girls would go to something and I'd sit with them and the next time the others girls would reach out as well. Until that moment they hadn't felt the need but because I acted they wanted to act as well.

Connections are important to our health, when we feel lonely and isolated, depression sets in, you may even lose focus of your objectives in life. Don't let that happen.

I invite you to reach out. I try to reach out a lot, because I need it. I realize that I can't change things for everyone but I can in my little community. I can try to be there for those that may need it. My Grandma recently told me of a women where she lives that has a large porch were she sets out rocking chairs that she has painted and even named. This women has coffee going just in case someone needs a place to go. A place where relief is found and their daily struggles can be forgotten if only for a while. A place where women can find a connection and comfort.