April 8, 2013

Changes make me nervous.

      Why hello Monday morning so nice to see you again.
      After taking a short trip last week with my sister I came home to a house in desperate need of cleaning and no motivation. Life is just so unfair. :(
      On a brighter note my dear husband is graduation this month and I'm very excited. Since we got married he has been working on finishing his bachelor degree and as many wife's of students know it has been stressful. As a wife I've tried to support him as much as possible, to allow him time in the evenings to do homework even though I would prefer to just spend time with him.
      Once he finishes I can finally spend some time on myself, its not like he doesn't help out with the little one, he's just busy all the time.  I can't wait until we can spend the evenings together or go out on weekends and spend some time as a family.
     This will be a huge change that I'm a bit nervous about. Going from poor college students to the working class will be very different. Especially with all that comes with it.

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