October 14, 2013

Sufficating in my own expectations.

       Some days are harder then others and for me today was one of those days. In the last week we managed to survive a move but today I feel so stressed about getting everything unpacked and making our new place feel like home that I just couldn't enjoy it.
       My dd has been so clingy lately that I can't get anything done unless she is asleep or crying at my legs. It makes for a stressed momma. After being stressed and annoyed most of the day I read a post from Shannon over at "Life after I 'Dew'" here. And I realized that my dd and husband need me to have more patience. I hadn't even noticed it but I need to be more patient with myself. All day I think about the things I want to or need to get done and I forget to just enjoy the time I have with my family. After reading Shannon's blog I decided to spend time with my daughter, we had so much fun it was great. I think it was just what she needed and it was definitely what I needed. Enjoying life becomes difficult when you stop smelling the roses.
       At the peak of my stress today I even got mad with my hubby because I felt crowded all the time. I just wanted space and it turns out all I needed was to have fun and to relax. I'm the only one that even notices when it is messy so why stress about it. I want to work on changing my expectations of myself so I can just smell the roses and call it a day. The dishes, laundry, unpacking can all wait for tomorrow but my family's well being can't wait.

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