December 7, 2013

Snow Day

      Growing up in a latin country I find myself experiencing a lot of things for the first time. Today we got up early and headed out to get our daughter a snow coat and right on time because on our morning walk it started to snow and it has been snowing for 6 hours straight. On days like this it is so tempting to complain but once I got a moment of peace I looked out the window and just thought how beautiful it all is… It's amazing how the snow changes the world around you. It makes you want to slow down and read a book, or just snuggle with a cup of hot chocolate.
       So this morning I finally got to decorate our christmas tree and as you can imagine a one and a-half year-old can't help but tip the tree at least once. It's a good thing it made me laugh.

      Everyday I change, in one moment I'll go from being frustrated with everything because nothing seems to be working out and the next... my joy for life increases ten-fold and things like my daughter acting her own age no longer take from that joy. And I sometimes actually remember to laugh and enjoy the day to day things. Everyday brings its challenges but if we remember to find joy in all things, we can truly find happiness.

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