August 29, 2014

I got a sewing machine!

    I have always loved doing crafts and making things to decorate my home with. It never feels the same to just buy something pretty when I can make something with my own hands. So after living in our home for a year, I've actually started to decorate(other then a few pictures).

     The first things I decided to make were some pillow covers for my living room pillows (blue, green and brown pillows don't go well with a dark red couch). I decided on this beige fabric with red drawings, I got it a few years ago from an aunt that was downsizing her own craft station.

     The fabric goes great with the couches and looks much better then the mismatched pillows we were using.

I used a simple envelope design as you can see here. I've been debating adding some buttons or something to keep it from opening up. 
   I love the end product! They turned out just how I wanted, even though it took some trial and error. 
    Thanks for reading!

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