September 10, 2014

Communication with a Toddler

   My little one is very special. I know all kids are different and mine is no exception. She has become very good at communicating despite the fact that she doesn't actually use her verbal skills much. When she was about one. I had the need to teach her some sign language so that I could actually know what she wanted. Luckily she caught on immediately. And since then we use simple sign language very often.  
    Sometimes she actually makes up her own sign language. It is so funny to see.

    I am a lucky mama. I have a great family that is always there for me. But sometimes I get distracted by all the difficulties and forget how blessed I really am.
    My little one still doesn't use her verbal skills much but just because she has learned to communicate though other means and doesn't see the point of talking(much like some of her relatives). :)

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