September 17, 2014

Life is short

    It seems like we always want more time. Especially as a stay-at-home mother. We never have time for ourselves because we are giving our families what they need. Food, clean clothes, etc.
   We always hear people saying you'll miss your children when they are older and how true is that. We want more time for ourselves... but in reality we just want our worth to be visible, tangent. And right now it isn't our lives are surrounded by diapers and laundry and dishes.
    Finding peace seems impossible but it isn't. The key is to find it though your loved ones. I smile every time my daughter shares with someone, when my husband gets home from work and when we are able to talk and laugh together as a family. Those moment bring me so close to God, I want to cry from joy. We need more of those moments to fill our spirits. Life isn't measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. Life is to short to always want time for ourselves, we will miss want once was. Find joy today in the little things. And if you need a break think of all the wonderful people you have in your life and of all the love you have given your family.

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