October 29, 2014

Becoming a Better Wife

     I feel like the minute that children appear in the picture we forget about something... The importance of our marriage. I now know that it shouldn't be the case. The best you can give your children is for their parents to have a good marriage. Some days aren't that great but if you keep your relationship with your spouse in good shape. You will be in better shape to take care of yourself and to follow though on all you need to do.
     Easier said then done. I tend to give and give until I can't anymore and the crash occurs.

It isn't pretty but it happens like clock work. If I could solve the issue you think I would but nope. I just keep doing the same thing. I forget about me.
    Now your probably thinking "I thought this was about being a better wife" Well it is. When times get hard turn to your spouse. When you feel like you can't give anymore, give yourself what you need the most... your spouse.
   At times we feel like all those around us are constantly demanding our attention. I know it overwhelms me. By remembering we aren't alone we can turn to our partner in crime and find great happiness.
Here are some suggestion:

  1. Think about them. 
  2. Make sure they are positive thoughts 
  3. Don't share your problems with those closest to you. If you need to talk to someone... try someone you don't know. They will be more impartial.
  4. Tell them you love them. 
  5. And show them  you love them. 
By doing these things I have found that I am happier. I can deal with my day to day struggles better because I don't feel alone.

Thanks for reading!

October 26, 2014

Sunday Special

  Have you ever had one of those amazing days where everything just works out perfectly?

Yesterday was one of those days.

We started out early by pick up some family members and going to the temple. My dear husband took it upon himself to babysit our daughter and my niece while the rest of us went to do work for our ancestors.
As I'm sure you caught on, we work on family history a lot and it has been such a blessing! It gives us something to strive for and it brings our families together. I hope we can do it again soon.

It's funny how if we listen to the Holy Spirit we can be there for those that need us the most. I love my family very much and I'm so grateful for the people we were able to see yesterday. They have been a great blessing to our lives.

Thank you for reading and have a great sunday!

October 24, 2014

Halloween is Upon Us.

     Recently a friend of my shared this article with a challenge. And in the spirit of Halloween I'm going to share our own visit to the cemetery.
     About 2 weeks ago my husband had time off so we decided to visit a small town in Northern Utah to find some of my own ancestors and you would be surprised to know that we found at least 30 tombs stone with my maiden name and many more from families that are also related to us. It was such a neat experience. While there my husband and I started to suspect that we were related. We looked it up and it turns out we are 5th cousins once removed(such a small world...).
    We both have ancestors that came to Utah with the Mormon Pioneers. We are lucky to live in a time when we can do work for the people we found at the cemetery. I know many of them were members but not all of them and that gives us the opportunity to do the work for them in the temple. If you have questions please e-mail me or visit lds.org.
Happy Halloween!

Just one more thing.
   A few sundays a go I had to opportunity to give a talk in church and for some unknown reason I decided to talk about the opposite of faith. Which now seems very fitting for Halloween. Look forward to a story about it next week.

Thank you so much for reading!

October 22, 2014

Becoming a Better Mother

   I am a young parent. I don't have the experience that my parents had when I was living in their household. I have a ton to learn and I feel like I need to know it all now. So that I can give my daughter the best.
   Instead she gets me... An imperfect woman trying her best. For the last month I've been doing my best to focus on my family. I've read up on all the parenting advise articles I could find. To try and improve myself. I thought I would share some of the ideas I found.

  1. Being honest with your child. I know R is only two but I find it is very important for me to always be honest with her. So that as she gets older she can trust me. 
  2. Let her know what is expected. I know some people have simple rules for their kids to follow. Just keep it simple so they can understand depending on their age. 
  3. Kids will do things to annoy us. Try to remain calm and take the time to show them the proper behavior. 
  4. Allow consequences to behavior to be a natural consequence. If they throw something then they aren't allowed to play with it anymore. 
  5. Keep on top of your kids. I know it is easy to dish out warnings and then to not get up and actually follow though immediately.
  6. This one is important to me. Love unconditionally. They will make mistakes but they are still your children, show love after disciplining. 
  7. Think of the big picture. Will it matter in a week, in a month then don't stress about it. 
  8. Remember that your emotional state will rub off on those in your household. Try to keep upbeat
  9. Don't punish in anger. I know this is a difficult one for me. I found several ways to relax and keep your head when it happens. 
  • Give yourself a time out. Get to your room. Listen to music or meditate.
  • Clean it out. When I am angry I usually start washing dishes. 
  • Tickle your child. It will reduce the tension and sometimes they just want attention. 
  • Change up your routine. Visit with friends.
  • Say sorry and move on.
  • Let them make mistakes, they are just kids.
  • And the most important. Just let it go.

I am also learning yoga. In addition to increasing my physical strength and flexibility. I am learning to meditate and to breath when things get difficult. Things don't seem as bad when you slow down and think of all the good things in our lives. 

Thank you for reading and if you have any additional suggestions that work for you. Let us know!

October 20, 2014

Back to Basics

Getting back on the wagon. So it has been awhile, I know. I've just been struggling with life. I'll let you know more next time. For now I will leave you with one of my everyday outfits. It is basically what I live in(Jeans, t-shirts and these adorable blue shoes)

   I love by how taking pictures of what I wear on a regular basis I have become more comfortable with how I look and how I feel about myself, all the time. I try to take pictures of what I am wearing when ever I put the effort in, even if it isn't a fantastic outfit. It shows who I am. And it allows me to see myself in a new light.

Have a great week!

October 17, 2014

Fall colors

    When fall comes around. I have mixed emotions. I am so glad for all the holidays and family time that is coming but I am also sad that summer is over. I love warm climates and I'm still learning to love the four seasons here in Utah.

Loving this tree house.