October 20, 2014

Back to Basics

Getting back on the wagon. So it has been awhile, I know. I've just been struggling with life. I'll let you know more next time. For now I will leave you with one of my everyday outfits. It is basically what I live in(Jeans, t-shirts and these adorable blue shoes)

   I love by how taking pictures of what I wear on a regular basis I have become more comfortable with how I look and how I feel about myself, all the time. I try to take pictures of what I am wearing when ever I put the effort in, even if it isn't a fantastic outfit. It shows who I am. And it allows me to see myself in a new light.

Have a great week!


  1. Your confidence shows, and you look lovely! I love the outfit- and did you do your own hair? So impressive!

    1. Thank you. And yes I did my own hair. I love french braids. I'm okay doing my own hair but oddly enough I have a hard time doing other peoples hair. I guess I just need more practice. ;)