October 29, 2014

Becoming a Better Wife

     I feel like the minute that children appear in the picture we forget about something... The importance of our marriage. I now know that it shouldn't be the case. The best you can give your children is for their parents to have a good marriage. Some days aren't that great but if you keep your relationship with your spouse in good shape. You will be in better shape to take care of yourself and to follow though on all you need to do.
     Easier said then done. I tend to give and give until I can't anymore and the crash occurs.

It isn't pretty but it happens like clock work. If I could solve the issue you think I would but nope. I just keep doing the same thing. I forget about me.
    Now your probably thinking "I thought this was about being a better wife" Well it is. When times get hard turn to your spouse. When you feel like you can't give anymore, give yourself what you need the most... your spouse.
   At times we feel like all those around us are constantly demanding our attention. I know it overwhelms me. By remembering we aren't alone we can turn to our partner in crime and find great happiness.
Here are some suggestion:

  1. Think about them. 
  2. Make sure they are positive thoughts 
  3. Don't share your problems with those closest to you. If you need to talk to someone... try someone you don't know. They will be more impartial.
  4. Tell them you love them. 
  5. And show them  you love them. 
By doing these things I have found that I am happier. I can deal with my day to day struggles better because I don't feel alone.

Thanks for reading!

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