December 17, 2014

Christmas Fun

It is that time of year yet again and this time around I have a 2 year old in the house. Her first year, I just had to keep her from eating the wrapping paper. Last year I had to make sure she didn't tip the tree too many times. And this year I keep finding ornaments all over the place. She loved decorating the tree with us but now she just takes the ornaments off. As of now she hasn't tip the tree over but you never know. 

We have been spending time with family so much lately and I must admit it has been good for me. I am such a people person and being at home during the days with only a toddler to talk to gets lonely. I love the days the hubby has off. We get to do so many fun things together. Like running instead of walking everywhere(I guess that happens anyway...).

We finally put our tree up on Saint Nick's Day(it's become a little tradition). And I've been working on Christmas presents. I decided this year I would do my best to make everything I give to my hubby and to R. It had been a bit of a challenge. It takes so much longer but I feel like the gifts will be more appreciated because of it though. 
So wish me luck. 

Thanks for reading along and I wish you happy holidays!


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