December 15, 2014

Christmas Time, Overwhelmed....?

I love Christmas time but have you ever noticed all the activities. 
We have somewhere to be at least twice a week until well after Christmas. 

Do you ever find it overwhelming? I do at times. 
Don't get me wrong I love the festivities, especially the time with family and friends.

Recently, I read an article over on Club31women and it has helped me keep perspective this season. I thought you would all enjoy it. 

On a similar note.

I've been reading different stories about people in the 1800s and in my opinion winter exists for a reason. It is the perfect time to make things for your family and to spend time together. 
During the warmer months we spend a lot of time out doing things. And during the winter we are home much more often. 
So I invite you to be purposeful in spending time with your family this holiday season. Make memories with your family that will never be forgotten and keep the Lord in mind as Christmas day approaches. 

Thanks for reading!

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