January 12, 2015

Being Present with Books!?

We are often told to be present in our child's life, that time goes quickly and you will miss those moments.
It is hard being present all the time. I always want to be doing something actively with my hands. So I usually read or watch Tv and am online. My little one is only 2 and I feel like kindergarden is so far off I don't always take advantage of the time I have with her. 
I recently discovered a way to be more present and oddly enough it includes books. I think of life as a story coming straight from a book. I have experimented with thinking that way when I want to be present. I narrate all that is going on in my mind and think of what would make the story better. It sounds bizarre but that is how I think. It probably comes from reading to many books. :) 

Have you ever had time with your spouse after work or on the weekend and you find yourself once again on your computers all but ignoring your other half? I have. 
We care so much for the person we married but we don't always give them the time that is needed to make a wonderful relationship. 
I applied this same idea to time with my husband and I must say it makes a huge difference. Sometimes I read stories about a couple sharing dinner and helping clean up. They are usually so willing to give to the person they are with. And by narrating our own story I put myself out there to do something nice for my better half and it changes the whole experience. I become in grossed in our story. 

Give it a try. 

PS. Just a little about me. I actually used the story of when we meet for an essay I had to do in college. 

January 8, 2015

Keeping in Shape

      Being active is very important to me. I, like many others, have struggled with my fitness. Around the holidays I noticed my weight slowly increasing yet again. I'd been exercising regularly and eating relatively well but it wasn't enough. I was sitting around more instead of going on walks. Part of that was definitely the colder weather.
      I am determined to cultivate healthier habits. I definitely don't eat fruit and vegetables every day. As part of eating better I am looking for recipes that are delicious but have lots of veggies included. It's getting better. When we eat healthier I notice that we naturally want to be more active. I especially like to run around with my toddler. But if you feel sick all the time you just can't. I am also looking for healthier snacks that we all like.
     In terms of exercise I try to do Zumba or Yoga at least every day, except Sunday. I also love adding in walks, hikes, bicycle rides, soccer, frisbee and many others. Once it warms up hopefully we can do those again.

    This last week I've posted about my goals. I have many things I want to improve on and I want to share some with you. Photography is something I am also working on. All the pictures you see on the blog were taken by us.

Thanks for reading!

January 5, 2015

Crafty Toddler

As a stay at home mom I find it difficult to fill our time with things worth while. I feel like our days last forever.... Finding things to do that don't cost a ton is so difficult. And right now we kinda need some indoor activities(it's been so cold.)
 I know toddlers learn a lot by playing but I, at times, have a hard time playing with her. So I've decided to include her in things I love doing so we can enjoy time together. 

One of those things is board games. I love board games and little R is getting to the age that she can finally play the 3+ games. Yay!
We also cook a lot. She is always on a chair by the counter helping in any way she can(even if it is just making a mess.)
Though out the next year. I'll be posting some of the things we do together to give you ideas to become closer to your own children. 

We made paint! It was a lot easier then I thought it would be. Of course this is toddler approved paint. We made it with 1/3 cup flour and 1/3 cup water. I decided to just put some of the paint on a paper plate and to add food coloring there so we could have more colors. It was great. She painted forever and I loved using this paint myself. 

I have some left so we will definitely be doing this again. Just remember to seal the container properly.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Instead of saving all your kids art projects. Just take a picture. I really want to frame the blue one some day. 

January 2, 2015

Starting the Year Right

As one of my goals this year. I'll be doing more outfit posts. 
It reminds me to take care of myself and I learn how to use my camera. These pictures were really fun to take. Little R was actually taking the pictures! She even got in front of the camera herself. We had a blast.

Thank you for reading!