January 8, 2015

Keeping in Shape

      Being active is very important to me. I, like many others, have struggled with my fitness. Around the holidays I noticed my weight slowly increasing yet again. I'd been exercising regularly and eating relatively well but it wasn't enough. I was sitting around more instead of going on walks. Part of that was definitely the colder weather.
      I am determined to cultivate healthier habits. I definitely don't eat fruit and vegetables every day. As part of eating better I am looking for recipes that are delicious but have lots of veggies included. It's getting better. When we eat healthier I notice that we naturally want to be more active. I especially like to run around with my toddler. But if you feel sick all the time you just can't. I am also looking for healthier snacks that we all like.
     In terms of exercise I try to do Zumba or Yoga at least every day, except Sunday. I also love adding in walks, hikes, bicycle rides, soccer, frisbee and many others. Once it warms up hopefully we can do those again.

    This last week I've posted about my goals. I have many things I want to improve on and I want to share some with you. Photography is something I am also working on. All the pictures you see on the blog were taken by us.

Thanks for reading!

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