March 20, 2015

Messes are Okay

At the start of every day I always try to take some time to get ready for what lies ahead in a day with a toddler. I try to relax, exercise or just read scriptures so that I am better prepared to make good choices. Like many other mothers I'd like to go though my to-do list and accomplish so many things but usually the day doesn't go as I plan. 

Instead I find a little girl that is full of demands(that never end), little R is still young and needs help with so many things. At times it would be nice to just feed, change and put those little rascals to bed. And I at least forget that I am her favorite person in the world. All she wants is to spend time with me. 

Photography by little R

Have you ever just spent time with a dear friend of yours? Isn't it great just to be with them even if they are just doing mundane things? We always seem to have more energy and time for that dear friend of ours. 

What if we thought of our children like that? We would get up every morning and know we get to spend the whole day with our best friend! And you want to know something... that is how your kids see it. All they want to do is to spend time with you. 

At times I make cleaning and completing my to-do list a priority but I've found that as long as I am not mindlessly watching t.v. or surfing online. I have time for so many things. Yeah, I might not have time to clean the whole bathroom but that's okay. Messes aren't the end of the world. At the end of the day I look around our home and believe me it isn't clean but I can look back on our day and know that I did all I was suppose to do.

I took care of the most precious thing that I have been given. 

So stop feeling guilty about not having a spotless home and think of the joy you brought your child today. 

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