August 18, 2015

Weekend Crafts

     A few months ago my grandmother found out that I like making crafts. As a result I got 3 boxes full of material and tons of ideas on different things I can make. 

I have few ideas on how to use these scraps. They are small pieces which means it might take me a while to use all the material. I figured I'd share the things I've made to give you ideas on how to use those small pieces of material for fun things and it just shows it doesn't take much to make things look beautiful. 

 My first craft is a pincushion. I got a sewing machine last year and I just needed a pincushion. I made it up as I went although I did use this website as inspiration. 

I also made little R a bag. She picked out the color and I just put it together. I figured she could use it for pretend play. When I finished I told little R we could put eggs in it. So as I went to find the plastic eggs. She took the liberty of putting all of the eggs in the fridge into her bag.... The casualties:  two. I guess toddlers are very literal. 

Have a great week!

Fluster Buster

Mountain views

Hi everyone! 

    Sorry for the long break. Earlier this year we bought a house! And have since been enjoying our summer in our new city. So far we love it. 
Toddler photography
    We've had a lot of things to adjust to. Like having to mow the lawn.... growing up we didn't have a lawn, it was usually just concrete parking/walk ways!  
    It has been a wonderful whirlwind. We have 4 mature trees on our property and I love them. We get a ton of shade. Little R can spend all day outside and still be in the shade.  

    This summer has been full of fun activities: late night walks, 2 a.m. shopping trips, movies in the park and yummy shakes from a local fruit stand. So far we love living so close to the fruit highway in Utah. 
     We are so grateful for all the amazing people we've met since moving here. We have great neighbors and an awesome park just around the corner. 
You can expect to see me here again next week! Have a great week!