February 6, 2017

Be your own kind of beautiful

Every day we are assaulted by images. We see them on television, online and in magazines. A lot of the time they are ads to make us think we need what they are selling to make us as beautiful as the people in the ad.
Other times we compare ourselves with the pictures we see online from people we know. That seem to have it all together(hint:they don't...) What we see is their best front. I'll give you an example, if you take 100 pictures how many are good enough to share? Even the most experienced photographer will have bad pictures.
It happens yet life is beautiful because of the hardships. There are beautiful weeds... 
I look around me and think that other people are beautiful, smart, accomplished. They are all roses and I want to be a rose but I'm not a rose. I'm a wildflower.
Some people really like wildflowers and some do not. Yet I'm beautiful and resilient.
Do you know how many types of flowers there are? There are over 400,000 and those are types, not including all variations and colors.  
Don't compare a rose to a lily.... Be your own kind of beautiful.

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