February 2, 2017

Marriage with kids

       Do you remember those days when you first feel in love with your husband? How excited you were to see him across the room... I remember in college, I'd go find him between classes just to say hi. It was all new and exciting to know I would marry that man and be with him for forever.

       Just like many of you I didn't think about what it would be like to have a kid in the house but we talked about it, you know, the great how many....

       That first summer was the best of my life so far. We worked together in the mornings and then had the rest of the day to explore and explore we did. We took long walks and hikes. We went camping and enjoyed dreaming together.

        We dreamed, but it never prepared us for reality. By the end of the year we were expecting our first child and that is when my focus went from him to our unborn child. It was an exciting yet very overwhelming time. And I had no idea how to be a wife and a mother at the same time. To me it was always one or the other.

        It took me a long time to realize that the best thing I could do for my daughter was to love her daddy. You'd be amazed, you fill his bucket of love, and it spreads.... Those moments of daddy/daughter perfection increase exponentially.

      So I ask you, what have you done for you husband today? Do you still seek him for love and companionship?

Love him, listen to him, pay attention to what is important to that man you married. 

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