April 14, 2017

Easter Party Prep.

Is it just me or is it nerve racking to know you are having a large group of people show up at your doorstep expecting to be feed and entertained? Yikes!

Tomorrow that will be me.

Thankfully they have all accepted to help out with the food but still just knowing can be very overwhelming and I thought I would write out some ideas to make the day go smoothly.

1. To start out with, do what you can the day or even week before. Shopping, decorating, set-up and if possible make the food in advance.

2. Make sure everyone gets an invitation. It sounds so simple but for our wedding breakfast we had all the immediate family, except we forgot to invite two people(Sorry! We still love you.)

3. Delegate. It is so easy to want to do it all by yourself but for your own sanity let everyone pitch in, especially for clean-up.

4. Relax. This is your party too, and if you aren't having fun then your guest probably aren't either.

5. And lastly, schedule time for yourself. With everything going on it is easy to still be wearing your pj's when the first people knock. So take the time to relax and get ready for the party!

Good luck to all those brave people hosting Easter parties this weekend!

P.S. Take the time to remember why we celebrate this holiday. All the bunnies and Easter eggs hunts are fun but there is so much more to Easter. Namely the Resurrection of Our Savior Jesus Christ.

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