April 21, 2017

We Need Each Other

In todays world we take care of ourselves. Some may be lucky enough to have close friends and family to rely on but most people are left to struggle alone. We convince ourselves that we don't need help and that we can't ask for help. Why?

Where did the "it takes a village to raise children" mentality go? Why are people expected to go it alone? Life is impossibly hard and we were never meant to go at it alone. We were born into families, some better than others, and in most groups we are expected to marry and have families of our own. Why? Because we need each other, and not just a spouse and children but the grandparents, the aunts and uncles, the cousins. It gives a connection that matters and can never be taken from us.

And now you say what if I don't have family? You have neighbors, coworkers, church members and you have a community. The days of knowing your neighbors and actually relying on them are long gone it seems. And yet your neighbors are still there and it might surprise you that they also are searching for a connection.

In high school I remember new people going to church and I was one of the first people to reach out, especially in Young Women's. It was always interesting to see what would happen afterwards. These girls would go to something and I'd sit with them and the next time the others girls would reach out as well. Until that moment they hadn't felt the need but because I acted they wanted to act as well.

Connections are important to our health, when we feel lonely and isolated, depression sets in, you may even lose focus of your objectives in life. Don't let that happen.

I invite you to reach out. I try to reach out a lot, because I need it. I realize that I can't change things for everyone but I can in my little community. I can try to be there for those that may need it. My Grandma recently told me of a women where she lives that has a large porch were she sets out rocking chairs that she has painted and even named. This women has coffee going just in case someone needs a place to go. A place where relief is found and their daily struggles can be forgotten if only for a while. A place where women can find a connection and comfort.

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  1. I can totally relate to this.
    I got married, had a baby,but, my family wasn't with me while all this happened,(other country...) I thought growing up and moving away from home, starting a career was part of life. At first it was all excitement but I realized we always have that need to reach out, like you said. Specially after having a baby. I needed that place to find connection and comfort.
    Anyway, it's all part of life and experiences. I have a beautiful blessing in my life and this is helping me to treasure more the moments I spend with my family.